Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 74 - Appt with Surgeon

I had an appointment the other day with my surgeon! It went well. He said everything looks great, that he thinks my swelling will still get noticeable better for another month. He also said to continue eating soft foods and in 2+ weeks i can try things like steak and other harder foods. yay! hope i am able to chew harder things as fast as possible. chewing still feels super weird. because i feel as if i don't have the strength there to bite down all the way.

i have been starting to have more aches in my face in general and i dont know why :( maybe just the continued chewing? or the extra singing and talking with being back at school? or just the stress of everything? im not sure... but it isn't super pleasant.

but anyway, here is a random assortment of pictures from the last several days. i still feel weird looking in the mirror, i guess since i see something slightly different than what i was used to every other day of my life before surgery. but i don't think it is a negative thought, just different is all. i just wish i could see myself how other people at school see me, if they think i look weird or different, cause i bet their perspective is way different than my own.

i chewed my first piece of pizza tonight!! and let me tell you... pizza is extremely amazingly delicious. i guess im gonna go to sleep because i have 5+ hours of show choir choreography tomorrow. hope everything is alright with anyone still reading :) i really appreciate anyone who has made a blog or commented on mine, you guys are simply the best :)

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