Sunday, August 5, 2012

Surgery Date... and Issues

Okay so here's where the part I'm unsure about comes along........

Right now i have a tentative surgery date for December 26, 2012. sounds perfect right??? not.

After we made that i realized that starting the first week of january i have show choir competitions and practices!! :( :( This year i finally made varsity show choir (and love it), so i would be so devastated to have to miss our competitions.

im not sure how long it will take me personally to recover enough stamina to compete, plus the swelling etc. idk! :(

So, after my mom and I realized this... we wanted to change the date. originally i just wanted to push it back to next summer. but that just seems SOOO far away! right? but i figured i loved show choir enough to wait.

but THEN a few days ago i had an ortho appt. my mom asked my orthodontist about my surgery date and he said christmas would be the best time... he said that my teeth would be moved into the best spot by then and it wouldn't be the best to wait ALL the way to the summer with my braces and such. so we asked him about the recovery time hoping i could possibly still do show choir!! :( he asked if i could maybe ask my school if i could take finals early and have it the week before christmas which might give me enough recovery time. that actually sounded like a good plan to me :)

but, i have an appt with my jaw surgeon at the end of august (yay!) and we will talk more about the recovery time then :) i just want to get this surgery out of the way... ive been waiting for it for too long!

*end rant*

sorry!! im trying to get all of these thoughts out of my brain. i think writing them down just might help. thanks for bearing with it.

HA. i love how i feel like someone is actually reading this.... but even if it is just me, myself, and i.... it's all good:)

love to all,


  1. It's nice to meet you Katie. Don't feel bad about ranting on here, we are all here to help each other out/support each other through this journey. Welcome to the blog world. I'm pretty new to it as well and hate English as well, but yet we are both here. Can't wait to hear more about your story.

    1. Thank you so much! nice to meet you too:) i will definitely keep reading about your journey as well! my thoughts are with you as you continue on.

  2. Hi Katie! In my search for fellow jaw surgery bloggers, I found you! I know what it's like to post a blog and then realize, you are probably the only person that reads it, LOL! But here I am! I read it! I'm getting jaw surgery on November 12th. I'm hoping maybe someone out there in blog world, will find my blog and find it helpful to them. Thank you for posting so I could find yours! Good luck with everything!


  3. Thank you so much!! good luck to you as well :) i will definitely follow your story as my surgery has been postponed until june sadly (darn school has kept me from updating this!) i love being able to read about other people's journey and hope your surgery goes as smoothly as possible, ill be thinking of you when it gets closer! Thanks Brytt:)