Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 195 - All Hail the Waterpik

soo…. today I discovered the glorious thing that is the waterpik. I was cleaning today to prep for the holidays… and i found my almost new waterpik tucked under my sink! I know lots of blogs i have read raved about how wonderful it is. But today, i discovered how right they truly are. haha

My surgeon didn't want me using a water pick after surgery because he didn't want it to possibly hurt my incisions, which makes sense to me. I just completely forgot to take it out after my incisions healed…. until now anyway.

That thing is amazing! gets food out SOOO easily. It is like Christmas came a few days early! hahahahah. Easily the highlight of my day.

So, I just thought I'd update. Also, with essentially being banded shut at night, my jaw has started hurting again…

I'm super worried that the bands are pulling my jaw to an uncomfortable, unnatural spot :( So, I kinda want to call my orthodontist and just talk to him for reassurance. I just want the pain to go away. It isn't my teeth that hurt. Just… my jaw hurts badly when I wake up after wearing the bands. feels like the before surgery pain. noooo :(

but i guess ill get it figured out. just wish it was easier!

but anyway, i hope all of you guys have a wonderful holiday. enjoy any break you have :) I'm off to ignore reality by reading The Book Thief. take care :)



  1. Hey Katie! My name is Sarah and it has been 8 days since my surgery. I am numb almost everywhere. I have now eaten malts, yogurt, oatmeal, and mashed potatoes. I'm up and moving around now and I'm excited that I can go about 12 hours without pain medication. However, school starts up again in 3 days. I'm mostly worried about having bruises still on my cheeks and the numbness in my mouth. I'm worried about making a mess and looking like a pig trying to eat. Do you have any tips on how to get rid of bruises or even how to eat semi normal? How long did it take for the bruises to go away? How long did it take until you could talk normally? How long for the majority of the swelling? How long until you could eat with out making a huge mess???? I'm sorry for al the questions!!! I think you are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Have a great day!

    1. aww thank you so much :) i hope you continue to get better :) i discovered quite a bit of food i could swallow without chewing and i think i wrote about food on day 53, the best things were mashed up cake, potatoes, beans, and cut up spaghetti. im sorry you have to go back to school so quickly! that is tough :( i dont know of anything to help with bruising going away, other than just covering it with makeup. yes, it is hard eating with a numb mouth, but im sure you can do it :) if anything it is a fun laugh with your friends when you have a noodle stuck to your chin (well, they only made fun of me for a little bit!:)) i think my bruising went away around day 12, except for a black bruise on my lip that i had. um i ate in front of a mirror for the first few weeks just to learn where my mouth was and not spill, but um i guess it just depended on what the food was. i admit it was extremely hard to get used to… so im sorry. I wish i could help more! and im so sorry i didnt see your comment until now!! and hey props to you for lessening the pain medication! that is hard to go off of. I think i used it to sleep until week 3-4.let me know if you need absolutely anything or if you have more questions (and i apologize if i didnt answer them the best…) hang in there. things will get better :) hope your continue to heal as quickly as possible.